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Jam Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

Jam Thumbprint Cookie Recipe – these quick and easy, simple, old – fashioned thumbprint cookies, that are made from a few simple ingredients and have jam inside, are the Christmas cookies that mustn’t be forgotten. There is a shortbread basis that is filled with jam and they are sprinkled with powdered sugar on top, so …

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Meltaway Cookies

These Strawberry Cream Cheese Meltaway Cookies topped with cream cheese frosting and swirled with strawberry jam, simply melts in your mouth. Meltaway Cookies are so easy to prepare, yet very tasty and sweet… this is one of my favorite cookie recipes. Strawberry Cream Cheese Meltaway Cookies are perfect for special occasions like Valentine´s Day.  They can …

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Reese‘s Pieces Cookies

Reese‘s Pieces Cookies – crunchy outside, soft inside – perfect fall cookies in Halloween colors. In my family we all love Reese‘s Pieces, especially my son. Can you imagine how much he enjoys Reese‘s Pieces Cookies. He is always so excited when I prepare them. It is sometimes difficult for me to make these cookies, because …

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