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Cinnamon Roll French Toast Roll Ups

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Roll Ups – perfect breakfast or brunch that you will love and that’s so quick and easy to prepare. It’s made of soft bread rolled with a rolling pin, spread with cinnamon, butter and brown sugar filling, rolled, then dipped into eggs, milk and vanilla, cooked in a frying pan on …

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French Breakfast Puffs

French Breakfast Puffs – these soft vanilla muffins, dipped into butter and coated with sugar and cinnamon are quick and delicious – in a word perfect breakfast. They’re great choice for Christmas breakfast or brunch , too. At weekends, I love making tasty breakfast for my family, especially French Breakfast Puffs, because my son loves …

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Cinnamon Sugar Apple Muffins

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Muffins – soft muffins full of juicy apples, coated in brown sugar and cinnamon, make a perfect breakfast. It´s a right recipe at a right time – ideal for apple season. I enjoy fall and its pleasant days, colors; fruits….I feel really inspired in the kitchen, too.  I enjoy preparing desserts with …

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